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Best Coffee Experiences You Can Enjoy From Home

I’m definitely someone who will travel for coffee - not just in my city, but across the world. Right now, the latter isn’t really possible. But through the magic of the Internet, we are now able to participate in coffee experiences across the globe from the comfort of our coach.

If the only coffee activity you’ve done in a while is make Dalgona Coffee (the infamous TikTok whipped coffee on everyone’s socials), then read further for a list of the best coffee experiences you can do from home. Note: none of this content is sponsored!

Online Coffee Experiences Airbnb things to do

In April, Airbnb announced its implementation of Online Experiences – a way for people to connect to the world & participate in unique activities via Zoom calls.

Hosted across the world and in multiple languages, there are Experiences for tons of different activities and passions, including coffee!

Coffee Masterclass – Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

From $10 / Hosted in English, Spanish / 60 min

This Experience is the most popular on this list. Ricardo, the host and owner of Borola Café in Mexico City, teaches you how to effectively use your palette to determine flavour, and about the different kinds of brewing processes. The first half of the class is learning to taste, and the second half is brewing your own perfect cup of coffee!

Colombian Coffee from Bean to Cup – Medellin, Columbia

From $30 / Hosted in English, Spanish / 60-75 min

In this Experience, you’ll (virtually) visit a Columbian coffee plantation and get to see the coffee making process first-hand – from being picked as a cherry, to being roasted. You’ll not only leave with more knowledge, but you’ll also have a deeper appreciation for coffee. P.S. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Lupita the goat.

From $10 / Hosted in English, Spanish / 60 min

Leonardo, a third generation coffee producer and taster, goes into depth about the coffee brewing process and how to recognize good coffee when buying bags of beans. In this Experience, you’ll learn how to brew in two different extraction styles, along with the science behind each step. You’re guaranteed to learn something new by the end of the hour.

coffee beans and roastery you can visit online

Vietnam Within a Cup of Coffee – Hanoi, Vietnam

From $6 / Hosted in English, Vietnamese / 60 min

Did you know Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world? In this Experience, you’ll learn how Vietnamese coffee differs from others, and learn how to prepare it yourself (don’t forget the condensed milk!) Along with the coffee, you’ll also enjoy the beautiful views of Hanoi.

From $30 / Hosted in English, Spanish / 60 min

In this Experience, you’ll witness a coffee roastery busy at work. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at the coffee production process, from hulling to roasting. The Experience also covers the basics of coffee brewing, and how to ensure you get the best cup possible.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee & Secrets with Po – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

From $13 / Hosted in English / 60 min

This Online Experience will share the ins-and-outs of Vietnamese coffee culture. Here, you’ll make your own Vietnamese Egg Coffee alongside host, Po. You’ll definitely want to make this coffee time and time again. If you’re in the EST time zone, note that the times for this Experience may be unreasonable. However, you can message the host for a different time zone request.

From $25 / Hosted in English, Spanish, Italian / 45 min

Part of Airbnb’s Olympic partnership, this Online Experience allows you to make coffee with Paralympian, Smarty. You’ll learn about her journey as an athlete, personal and stories about people’s prejudices/judgements against her. Plus, how to brew a tasty cup of coffee based on the tricks she’s learned in her international travels.

future of travel Airbnb Online Experiences travel for coffee

Although nothing can compare to travelling firsthand, these virtual and interactive Experiences provide a viable option in these unprecedented times. For more Online Experiences, visit

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