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Ontario Place Winter Lights Exhibition 2020

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

When: February 8-March 29, 2020

The Winter Light Exhibition at Ontario Place (955 Lake Shore Blvd W) is an annual outdoors luminary art festival. 2020 marks the exhibition’s third year. The festival is free to attend and is open 7 days a week from 4pm-11pm. Along with its art pieces, from Friday to Sunday, the event hosts community bonfires, a snack shop and paint classes (at an additional cost).

This year, the art’s theme is “cocoon”; exhibits span from thought-provoking, to interactive, to puzzling. Some of my favourite pieces from this year’s festival include:

Beacon Silo (by Chris Foster)

Beacon Silo by Chris Foster at Ontario Place

Enlightened 2.0 (by Reanna Niceforo & Phil Sutherland)

Enlightened 2.0 by Reanna Niceforo & Phil Sutherland at Ontario Place

Woven Blanket (by Colleen McCarten), Huddle (by John Notten)

Woven Blanket at Ontario Place Winter Lights Exhibition

Kizmet’s Portalis (by Kizmet Gabriel)

Kizmet’s Portalis by Kizmet Gabriel, Toronto graffiti artist at Ontario Place

There are 21 pieces in total at this year’s Winter Light Exhibition. To find out more about the event, including the event map and art descriptions, click here.

Bonus tips:

1) March is less busy to attend than February.

2) Make the most of your time (& commute) to Ontario Place by checking out a film at the Cinesphere on the same evening of your visit. Showtimes can be found here.


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