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Rhubarb Festival 2020

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Rhubarb Festival 2020 theatre program

When: February 12-22, 2020

The Rhubarb Festival is a queer, experimental theatre festival that takes place at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexandra St). The festival can be described as bold, out of the box, and unpredictable. The pieces do not provide clear messages of meaning, but rather are open to interpretation. Most importantly, the festival is unique and unlike any theatre festival I’ve ever attended; if you’re looking for an experience, this is the place to go.

The festival champions creative and compelling performance, and offers patrons the ability to choose what performances they want to see when attending. The festival takes places in Buddies’ two theatre spaces, and in between each performance, festival goers are able to choose what stage (and therefore, performance) they’d like to attend. In one night [performances start at 8pm], patrons will be able to see 3 or 4 performances, along with additional installations, with their $20 ticket. If space permits, there is also potential to purchase “rush” tickets for single performances, priced at PWYC (pay what you can). However, given the affordability of the initial ticket price, and considering each performance is <30min long, I’d encourage staying for the whole evening.

The performances take place not only on the stage, but also amongst the theatre’s aisles. At The Rhubarb Festival, expect divergence of a variety of topics, nudity, foul language, and audience participation. The performances are split between two weeks. Week One takes place between February 12-15, and Week Two between February 16-22. To learn more about the festival, including what’s on, click here.

Special shout-out to Week One's Eat Me (Desirée Leverenz) and The Parasite (Jay Northcott & Alisha Van Wieren), whose performances blew me away.


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