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StrollTO: Self-Guided Neighbourhood Tours

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

StrollTO is part of City of Toronto’s ShowLoveTO campaign, aiming to “help Toronto recover and rebuild from the impacts of COVID-19”. StrollTO consists of self-guided neighbourhood tours, with itineraries available for all 25 wards of Toronto. The campaign gives Torontonians the opportunity to explore the city in a safe way, and discover the hidden gems tucked away behind street corners.

I have lived in the same neighbourhood in Toronto since I was 6, but StrollTO still opened my eyes to the rich and interesting history behind the area I call home. I even discovered new properties amongst the tour, like "The Little House" built in the early 1900s. Using the Davenport StrollTO guide, follow along my exploration in the pictures below.

Football Fever St. Clair sports mural in Toronto

Just west of St. Clair W & Lansdowne is a soccer mural that pays homage to the 'football fever' of the neighbourhood. St. Clair's predominant Italian, Portuguese and Spanish residents, plus wide range of sports bars, may be the reason behind the craze.

Earlscourt Park Toronto, large greenspace in the city

Earlscourt Park is the largest greenspace in the area. With multi-purpose sport fields, a dogs off-leash area, children's playground, and JJP Community Centre (with a pool) next door, the park is popular with residents. Pre-COVID, the park also hosted numerous outdoor festivals in the warmer seasons.

Wallace Espresso coffee cup and Portuguese Art Box on Davenport

The neighbourhood not only has sights to explore, but many amazing small businesses like Wallace Espresso. I stopped for a coffee break before seeing the Stephanie Anacleto Art Box. Its design pays homage to Portuguese identity.

Toronto skyline sunset

The beautiful skyline of Toronto can be admired from Regal Road Junior Public School. For the ultimate view, shimmy up the rock climbing wall.

The Little House Toronto

Toronto's smallest home, coined "The Little House", is merely 300 sq.ft. and 7.25 ft. wide. The home was featured on the Ellen Degeneres show in 2008.

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