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Toronto Fringe: Next Stage Theatre Festival 2020

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Toronto Fringe Next Stage Festival theatre program

When: January 8-19, 2020

Toronto Fringe's Next Stage Theatre Festival spans 11 days and takes place at Factory Theatre (125 Bathurst St). The festival's performances champion creativity, diversity, and storytelling. The 11 shows (+2 one-day engagements) cover a variety of topics including gender, politics, abilities, and fears. Tickets are $18 each, and can be purchased over the phone, online, or in-person at Factory Theatre. You can also purchase a 4-show or 8-show pass for $64 or $120 respectively. For more information, check out

I saw Tita Jokes and Every Silver Lining at this year's festival, and I would highly recommend both. Tita Jokes is performed by a collective of Filipina women whose sketches share their culture, struggles, and heartwarming tales - all in an entertaining and humorous way. Every Silver Lining is a tender musical that discusses topics of death, grief, first love, and connection. If you're looking to laugh and cry, look no further. Both plays premiered at the 2019 Toronto Fringe Festival a few months prior.

More about Next Stage:

1) The venue is accessible for all patrons; this includes priority seating, elevators, and sensory tools available to borrow (ex. fidget cubes, ear plugs)

2) No refunds or exchanges, and latecomers may not be admitted - give yourself extra time to get to the venue!

3) If you arrive early or are looking for a place to hang out & grab a drink, the Steam Whistle Festival Tent has your back. The tent is heated and equipped with lawn chairs, benches, and a long communal table. With lots of space to sit and chat, you can warm up in here before your show begins. Drinks and light snacks are also available for purchase, and all at a reasonable price (think $6 beers). The tent is also where you buy tickets in-person and where lineups will typically take place.


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