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Caravan Cafe & Tea House

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

*Caravan Cafe & Tea House is now permanently closed*

Caravan Café & Tea House is located at 1165 Bloor St W, in the Bloordale area. The café is open 8:30am-6pm Monday-Friday & 10am-6pm Saturday-Sunday.

Caravan Cafe and Tea House Bloor St Toronto coffee shop menu

One of my favourite things about Caravan is that is has something for everyone. With lots of drink and food options, it’s the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat or have a coffee (or bubble tea!) date.


The café has a sort of eclectic vibe, with fun pieces sprinkled across the shop. These include a hanging cocktail art piece, scattered POP figures, and LEGO constructions hidden in potted plants. The shop’s unique touches are balanced by its simple design of exposed bricks and wood furnishings. I mean this in the best way possible - the café’s atmosphere reminds me of a cool and slightly kooky grandmother: comforting and fun.

Stereo Coffee plants and Funko POP figure at Caravan Cafe & Tea House coffee shop Toronto

Another great part about Caravan’s atmosphere is their staff. I’ve visited on a handful of occasions, and every barista I’ve met has been incredibly kind. The people who work here have the same air of lowkey coolness as the café, and it’s easy to strike a conversation up with them.



Caravan Café & Tea House offers a wide variety of coffee, tea, smoothies, and bubble tea.

For coffee, the café serves Stereo, an excellent local roaster that champions crafting coffee to its full potential. The shop’s coffee menu is limited compared to their tea offerings, but Caravan still serves coffee shop favourites like lattes, americanos, and cappuccinos. My personal favourite: the caramel macchiato. Coffee ranges from $2.50-$4.50.

Caravan Cafe & Tea House Toronto drinks menu coffee and tea

The shop’s title of a “Tea House” is not a lie - there are 20+ teas to choose from. Tea can be ordered in a cup or pot, or in small or large cups (depending on what you order). Tea ranges from $3-$5.50.

Word of advice: If you do order a tea, be careful to not let it oversteep. Since the tea satchels are filled to the brim (you definitely get your money’s worth of tea), they easily steep.

Another great thing about the café’s extensive tea menu is that you can turn any tea into a bubble tea for an extra $0.50. Recommended bubble tea order (suggested by one of the staff at Caravan): mango slush with brown sugar pearls and green apple jelly.

Caravan Cafe & Tea House cheap bubble tea Toronto

Other things you should know: 1) you can substitute regular milk for plant-based oat or almond (for $0.50), 2) there are tons of different flavour shots available (for $0.50), and 3) along with their regular menu, they also boast seasonal beverages.


Caravan also offers a range of sandwiches and waffles, perfect for breakfast or lunch visits.

Caravan Cafe & Tea House Toronto affordable brunch menu

This 8-item menu, ranging from $7-$12, sounds scrumptious, and I plan to eventually eat my way through it. I’ve only tried their Chez José so far, a Portuguese inspired sandwich made with spicy chouriço, Peri Peri mayo, pepper jack cheese, and tomato in a fresh bun. The sandwich was decently large and made fresh to order.

Caravan Cafe & Tea House Toronto Portuguese sandwich

Caravan Cafe & Tea House Toronto coffee and pastry combo deal

Follow them on Instagram for occasional featured menu items (ex. Afro Brunch).

Looking for just a snack? The café also sells a range of baked goods, including cookies, muffins, butter tarts, loaf cake, and brownies. If you’re a chocolate lover like myself, their double chocolate muffin and fudgy brownie are recommended.

P.S. The café has a great coffee and pastry deal for $5. You can also substitute for an espresso-based beverage for $1 more.


Love the café’s tea? You can purchase select bags of their tea at the café!

As for seating, the café offers indoor and outdoor seating. However, space is limited. There are 4 tables (two tables for 2, two tables for 4) and one counter. But given its location on Bloor, you could easily grab your purchase to-go and enjoy on a nearby bench or grassy area.

Caravan Cafe & Tea House Toronto new coffee shop seating


Caravan Café & Tea House is a tea lover’s paradise in Toronto’s Bloordale. Not into tea? They also serve coffee, food, smoothies, and more – it’s the kind of place that has something for everyone. The café has an eclectic yet homey vibe, and kind baristas who are easy to strike a conversation with. Caravan has a short coffee menu (yet very well-crafted, plus seasonal features) and an extensive tea menu, including bubble tea. The café also serves a range of sandwiches, waffles, and baked goods. There is seating both inside and outside, but with limited seats, it’s an excellent spot for grab-and-go orders.

Caravan Cafe & Tea House recommendations Toronto Coffee Date


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