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The Shmooz

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

The Shmooz prides itself as being “about quality food, drink, connections, and community”, and after visiting the café myself – I couldn’t agree more.

Located on Pape just south of Danforth (approx. a 7-minute walk from Pape subway station), The Shmooz is a neighbourhood coffee shop brimming with good vibes. The café is spacious, has a stacked menu, and offers impeccable service by the shop’s friendly baristas.

Located at 590 Pape Avenue, The Shmooz is open Monday to Friday 8AM-6PM, and Saturday & Sunday 9AM-6PM. Learn more on their website or Instagram.


The best way to describe The Shmooz is as a place where locals gather together to enjoy good eats, drinks, and company. The café is a welcoming space for all: from home office workers to families with small children. No matter who you are or who/what you come with (ex. laptop or baby stroller), you are sure to enjoy all the café has to offer.

The Shmooz Cafe at 590 Pape Avenue south of Pape on Jones Toronto

The Shmooz is quite spacious, especially compared to the influx of small coffee shops in Toronto. The café can seat roughly 30 people inside at its long or small tables or stool seating. With complimentary Wi-Fi and outlets, the café is a great place to work, and its long tables inside the space give it even more of a communal/coworking feel.

Forgot your laptop charger? Don’t fret; the café houses a range of newspapers and magazines that patrons are able to flip through. This is a small touch, but one I appreciate.

Along with the café’s generous seating, one of the most notable attributes of its space is the mural depicting the local neighbourhood. Commissioned by artist Frans Groenewald, the purpose of his work is to be “decotainment” – to create story-inspired artwork that is both decorative and entertaining.

Mural of The Shmooz coffee shop by Frans Groenewald depicting Riverdale area

Albeit The Shmooz is open all year long, summer would be an especially good time to visit the café. On top of their large indoor space, they also boast a patio with three picnic tables and a handful of Muskoka chairs (including a few child sized ones). The patio also has its own ordering window for a quick grab-and-go. You can also order online and pick up at the café’s patio window for even quicker service.


Menu prices at The Shmooz Toronto cafe

The Shmooz Cafe signboard with latte flavours

The Shmooz offers a range of beverages: drip coffee, espresso-based beverages, tea, apple cider, hot chocolate, kombucha, and even juice boxes. Drinks range from $2.00 (small drip coffee) to $6.95 (32oz pot of tea). Alternative milk (almond/soy/oat) or an additional shot of espresso is +$0.60. The café uses Vittoria beans, and housemade or Monin syrups.

Most notable on The Shmooz’s menu is their range of fair trade loose leaf teas and specialty lattes. On my visit, I got the caramel apple butter latte which tasted like autumn in a cup. Especially impressive is the foam that tops the latte, making for a drink that is as pretty as it is comforting.

Prices of food menu at The Shmooz Toronto cafe ranging from $2.95-$13.95

The café offers more than just an impressive drink menu; they also serve an assortment of eats including baked goods, soups, salads, and sandwiches. Championing “simple, delicious food with quality ingredients”, there is something for even the pickiest or dietary restricted person. Yes, that means you, vegans and gluten intolerant people!

Although I haven’t tried everything on their menu, I can’t imagine how anything could top their house baked croissants. A majority of coffee shops outsource their baked goods, but not The Shmooz - and trust me, you can taste the difference. I ordered the gruyere & caramelized onion croissant and the chocolate & Himalayan salt croissant, and all I can say is wow… You know what, scratch what I said earlier, I haven’t tried all the food on their menu yet. With how good their croissants were, I need to go back and try the rest of their menu: I can only imagine how good their soups and panini sandwiches would be this fall.

Apple butter latte, hot chocolate, and two house baked croissants from The Shmooz Toronto cafe


Selection of wines for sale at The Shmooz cafe Toronto

On top of their selection of food and beverage, the café also sells a variety of wines and beers that you can’t purchase at the LCBO. Also available for sale is The Shmooz merchandise adjourned with their logo/mascot (whose name is Sheldon FYI) if you want to rep your support for the local business.

Despite only being open for a few years (with half of their operational timeline being during a pandemic) The Shmooz has become a beloved neighbourhood spot. Personally, if I lived in the east end, it would be a café I frequent often. However, even if you’re not located in the area, this café is one worth going out of the way to visit. There is a lot on the horizon for The Shmooz and I look forward to seeing all they accomplish. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to see their upcoming specials and events, and if you do end up visiting the café, make sure you tag me and let me know!


The Shmooz, located at 590 Pape Avenue, is a beloved neighbourhood coffee shop located in Toronto’s east end. Open 7 days a week, the café is where people of all ages gather together to enjoy good eats, drinks, and company. Boasting a spacious interior as well as a patio, The Shmooz is perfect to work in, chat with friends, or just enjoy an afternoon with your loved ones. When it comes to beverages, the café offers a large selection of drinks that range from $2 to $6.95. Most notable is their speciality lattes made with Monin or housemade syrups, as well as their large selection of loose leaf tea. The food at The Shmooz should not be missed; they offer a range of items that are not only delicious, but are also suitable for even the pickiest or dietary restricted person. The café also sells a variety of wines and beers, as well as shop-embroidered merchandise. No matter if you’re a local to the Pape/Danforth area or not, this is a café worth going out of the way for.

The Shmooz east end Toronto coffee shop recommendation


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