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I DEAL Coffee & Wine - Sorauren

Since 1999, I DEAL has been serving high quality, fair trade Arabica coffee in Toronto. With three cafés across the city - 82 Nassau Street, 162 Ossington Avenue, and 221 Sorauren Avenue – I DEAL prioritizes community, quality, and sustainability in everything they do.

I DEAL’s Sorauren location is tucked in a residential area within Parkdale, and very close to Sorauren Avenue Park – home to the Sorauren Farmer’s Market. The café is open everyday from 8am-5pm*; it is a great place to grab a cup of coffee, picnic goodies and beer/wine.

I DEAL Coffee & Wine Sorauren storefront


With I DEAL Sorauren’s matte black exterior, you may expect the café to be as modern inside as it is out, but once you enter through their doors, you’ll be transported into its warm space.

Inside, the café has an industrial yet homey style with its exposed brick, vintage light fixtures, wooden furnishings, and decorative high ceiling. The café’s space is filled with goods, from refrigerators of pre-prepared meals to walls lined with shelves of merchandise. The surplus of goods can only be described as brimming with promise – half the fun of entering the café is seeing what awaits you.

I DEAL Coffee & Wine Sorauren wine and goods on sale

At the time of writing this post, indoor seating is not available at cafés across Toronto, but I DEAL Sorauren does have a small outdoor patio that patrons can enjoy. Struggling to find a seat? Head over to the Sorauren Avenue Park, a two-minute walk north of the café.


I DEAL Coffee specializes in – you guessed it – coffee!

But to be more specific, I DEAL offers fair trade coffee at reasonable prices: from the bags they sell (see SHOP below) to the drinks they serve at the café. I DEAL is Rainforest Alliance certified – meaning their beans are grown organically with natural farming practices that promote sustainability.

All of I DEAL’s coffee consist of “100% premium Arabica beans; which are grown at high elevations, in biodiverse regions, without the use of pesticides”. Coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure freshness and optimal flavour when consumed.

I DEAL Coffee & Wine Sorauren drink menu and merchendise for sale

The café’s beverage menu ranges from $2.20-$5.75. I DEAL offers a large menu with everyone’s coffee shop favourites like drip, lattes, cortados, mistos, tea lattes, etc.

As for add-ons, expect the following:

· Iced drinks +$0.50

· Soy/almond/lactose free milk +$0.50

· Oat milk +$1.00

· Espresso shot + $1.75

The café also serves seasonal specials like maple lattes and cold brew. I ordered the cold brew on my visit to their Sorauren location, and would highly recommend it!


I DEAL is as great a spot for food as it is for coffee. The café offers a range of meals, snacks, and baked goods that are house-made and offer options for different diets (ex. Paleo).

I DEAL Coffee & Wine Sorauren cold brew and spanakopita in Sorauren Ave Park

For heartier items, opt for one of I DEAL’s sandwiches, soups, quesadillas, or spanakopita. Also keep an eye out for what’s in their refrigerators for additional options and treats.

I ordered their spanakopita on my visit, and it was so good that I almost went back to buy their packs of frozen ones – on my next visit, I definitely will.

You can also buy other goodies, which have cutely been referred to as picnic foods by I DEAL, like cheese, marinated olives, spreads, crostini, etc. Some are made in-house, and some are from local brands like Village Juicery, Tonica, Scout, and more!

As for baked goods, options rotate, but expect a variety of muffins and cookies. Although I didn’t opt for a baked good on my visit (albeit the chocolate beet muffin looked tempting), if my spanakopita was any indicator, I can’t wait try more of I DEAL’s treats in the future.

P.S. Gluten-free and vegan options are available for the baked goods!


Along with excellent coffee and food, you can also turn to I DEAL for a large selection of quality wine and beer. Check out their selection online, or visit in-store.

I DEAL Coffee & Wine Sorauren wine selection

You can purchase alcohol, bags of coffee, merchandise, and some of I DEAL’s prepared foods directly on their online shop. Free delivery is available if you spend $98 or more.

If you really love I DEAL’s coffee, consider signing up for their coffee subscription. Shipped fresh from their roaster, subscribers can choose their desired blend, size, grind, and quantity of each bag. Learn more about their subscription program here.

You can also find I DEAL coffee sold in shops around Toronto. Find out where here.


I DEAL Coffee & Wine has been serving Toronto since 1999, and today, the brand has three coffee shops across the city: one in Kensington Market, one near Ossington & Queen, and one in Parkdale’s Sorauren neighbourhood. The latter, whose exact address is 221 Sorauren Ave, is open 7 days a week from 8am-5pm. The café has an industrial and homey look, and a warm vibe. The café is brimming with enticing goodies, from groceries to bottles/cans of wine and beer. I DEAL specializes in fair trade coffee that is grown organically and sustainability minded. When stopping in for a coffee, expect to spend $2.20-$5.75 for a beverage, not including extras like ice, alternative milks, and additional espresso shots. As for eats, I DEAL offers a variety of in-house made foods, from prepared meals to baked goods. There is a large selection to choose from, including options for different diets. Along with visiting in-store, you can shop for I DEAL online where they sell not only merchandise, but a coffee subscription program as well.

I DEAL Coffee & Wine Sorauren recommendation

*Given the COVID-19 pandemic, hours and offerings depicted in this post may be skewed as businesses adapt to better serve its staff, customers, and community.


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