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Crosscut Coffee - Brewed at a Distance

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

NOTE: Crosscut Coffee is currently closed due to an accident on Davenport

Crosscut Coffee is a hidden gem, and easily one of Davenport’s best coffee shops. Located at 1142 Davenport Rd, the café is open Mon-Fri: 7am-5:30pm & Sat-Sun: 9am-5pm*.

Crosscut Coffee Davenport Ossington cafe & roaster

If I had to describe the café in one word, eclectic would be it. Crosscut Coffee is spacious, bright, and brimming with variety.

From the various shades of wood panelling, to its unmatching furniture and vintage pieces, pops of greenery from plants, and the large cupboard of mugs… Everything in the coffee shop is completely unique and unlike anything else – creating a beautiful mosaic that gives the space character.

Crosscut Coffee Toronto cozy community cafe with plants and vintage furniture

My favourite? The vintage saws tucked away in a corner of the café – the inspiration of Crosscut’s name & logo.

The space is eccentric, yet cozy. The café is able to make you feel transported from the dreary/busy streets outside.

What’s also great about the café is the sense of community they’ve created. This can be seen from the bulletin board of local business cards, and selling of local products (hand sanitizer, games, & teas to name a few). But this can also be felt in the kindness of the baristas when you visit. Crosscut is a speciality coffee shop without an ounce of pretentiousness.

Assortment of vintage mugs at Crosscut Coffee sit-in cafe

Pre-pandemic, the café was a popular work spot for locals in the area. The shop has a lot of tables & couches, and offers free Wi-Fi. It was also popular for coffee dates with an assortment of books, puzzles & games available to use/take.


Crosscut serves their own beans, which are roasted in Stouffville, Ontario. Each roast has their own signature tasting notes, and are imported from different parts of the world.

Crosscut Coffee beans from Stouffville Ontario roaster

Bags of beans can also be purchased at the café . Keep an eye out for their Davenport roast, named after the café. Coffee equipment can also be purchased, such as the V60, AeroPress, & Clever Brewer.

Despite the high quality coffee, the café is very affordable.

Drinks at the café range from $1.75-$4.68. All iced drinks are $3-$4.

Crosscut Coffee menu cheap cafe Toronto

If you’re a tea lover, the café also sells Sloane Tea.


Along with drinks, Crosscut Coffee also serves a selection of baked goods, sandwiches, salads, & soups.

Huge croissants, muffins, cookies, squares, and more - the baked goods may look unassuming, but they shouldn’t be missed when visiting.

Crosscut Coffee menu lunch sandwiches Toronto

As for sandwiches, there are a short list of options, all of which are made to order. My favourite is the grilled turkey panini.

Food at the café is just as affordable as the coffee. My last visit to Crosscut was for a lunch date; we grabbed two sandwiches, two baked goods, and one iced latte (ate at the nearby Mount Royal Parkette) & the total came out to just under $30.

Gluten-free friends: you can order baked goods to be picked up at the café from Marcelle's Kitchen (Port Perry, Ontario).


One of the best ways to support small businesses, like Crosscut Coffee, is to purchase from them. Consider the café on your next coffee run, for a lunch out, or to buy beans to brew at home. You can order from the café in-store or on Ritual.

Another fun feature: Crosscut Coffee has a points program (which even gives users a free drink after joining). To sign up, visit the café and scan their QR code.

Crosscut Coffee iced latte with plants Toronto cafe not to miss

Excellent coffee, great atmosphere, and affordable… I predict many more of my coffee dates will be held at Crosscut Coffee. Who knows, maybe I’ll run into you there.


Crosscut Coffee is an eclectic and underrated coffee shop in Davenport Village. The café roasts their own coffee beans in Stouffville, Ontario and despite its high quality and locality, the coffee shop is extremely affordable and unpretentious. Drinks at the café range from $1.75-$4.68, and all iced drinks are under $4. Along with coffee, the café also sells baked goods, sandwiches, salads, & soups. Their baked goods especially shouldn’t be missed when visiting, and luckily, there are a variety to choose from. Check out the café on your next coffee run, lunch date, or when you need to purchase more beans for home. The café is open 7 days a week, and orders can be placed in-person or on Ritual.

Crosscut Coffee Toronto review and recommendation

*Given the COVID-19 pandemic, hours and offerings depicted in this post may be skewed as businesses adapt to better serve its staff, customers, and community.


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