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De Mello Coffee x Chocolat De Kat

De Mello is one of the most well-known and best-tasting coffee roasters that Toronto has to offer. In 2013, the brand started as a small café and micro-roastery under the name De Mello Palheta at 2489 Yonge St (near Yonge & Eglinton). Since then, De Mello Coffee has expanded its operations, and their blends can be found at various cafés across the country.

De Mello Coffee x Chocolat de Kat new coffee shop St. Clair W Toronto

In March of 2021, De Mello Coffee opened its second café at 824 St. Clair Ave W (near St. Clair W & Christie). The new café is in collaboration with Chocolat de Kat, an artisan chocolate company known for its high quality and artistic bon bons. The new café is open Mon-Fri 7am-6pm & Sat-Sun 8am-6pm.


The first thing you’ll notice about De Mello Coffee x Chocolat de Kat is its deep blue exterior. The café pops out on St. Clair, making it hard to miss and hard to walk away from – after all, bright colours and the promise of excellent coffee are hard not to be enticed by.

The café is small in size, but its minimalist interior makes the space look bigger than it is. Inside, expect to find neutral shades, mixed panelling, geometric elements (like curved-backed benches), and walls lined with bags of coffee.

De Mello Coffee sold at new St. Clair cafe

De Mello is known for its eclectic and playful vibe, and Chocolat de Kat is known for its attention to detail and artistic flair. The space may be simple, but these elements peak through in the design and feel of the shop.

Currently, only four patrons are allowed in the café at a time with no indoor seating available due to Toronto’s lockdown restrictions. When visiting the café, I would suggest grabbing your coffee to go and finding a seat at one of the many benches that line St. Clair; you could also opt for the spacious Wychwood Barns Park, a 10-15 minute walk away.


As De Mello roasts their own coffee, I can say without a doubt that whatever you order at the café will taste great. The menu can be seen in the pic below, but here’s a quick breakdown…

De Mello Coffee menu and espresso machine

· Espresso-based drinks $3.25-$5.75

· Flavour shots +$0.50

· Alternative milks +$0.75

· Toronto Coffee Date’s favourite: latte

Love De Mello Coffee? You can also purchase their bags of coffee and merchandise (ex. enamel pins) at the café.


Coffee and chocolate compliment each other sooo well. De Mello’s high quality roasts have found their perfect companion with Chocolat de Kat. The bon bons are as beautiful as they are delicious, and if you’re hesitant about the price (seen below), you just need to try one to know they’re worth it. Flavours vary based on availability; find the full menu here.

Chocolat de Kat bon bons menu

· Single bon bon $2.75

· Chocolate bar $8

· Box of four $11

· Box of nine $24

· Box of twenty-five $65

· Holiday items (price varies)

Will I order a bon bon every time I visit the café? Probably not. But when I want to treat myself, I know I’ll be splurging on that box of nine with zero regrets.


A Toronto staple since 2013, De Mello Coffee has finally opened its second location in collaboration with Chocolat de Kat at 824 St. Clair Ave W. This small speciality café serves all your coffee and chocolate needs. No matter what you order, the high quality and artisan production level of the two brands are sure to impress. The café is hard to miss with its bright blue exterior that is as vibrant as it is welcoming. Once inside, be in awe of the café’s minimalist look and cool vibe as you try to decide what beverage and chocolate to order. Don’t worry though, whatever you choose will be delicious.

De Mello Coffee x Chocolat de Kat Toronto cafe recommendation and suggestion


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