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Forno Cultura MOCA

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Forno Cultura is an Italian bakery & cafe with six locations across Toronto. They specialize in focaccia, biscotti, and of course, coffee. Forna Cultura MOCA is the newest of their locations, opening in 2019 in Toronto's Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum & café are located at 158 Sterling Road, a short walk from Lansdowne or Dundas West station.

MOCA building

The café is located on the ground floor of the museum, next to the Admissions Desk. The café is open 8am-7pm Wednesday & Thursday, 8am-9pm on Friday, and 8am-6pm Saturday & Sunday. The café is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays*.

Note: Forno Cultura MOCA remains open in between the museum's exhibits transition (quarterly).

The café offers a great place to unwind, reflect, and converse about artwork & other daily musings. The café, and museum overall, is spacious with many areas to sit - either it be in the coffee shop itself, the museum's communal tables, or the multiple benches outside.

The café has a simple look to contrast the works of contemporary art housed in the museum. The first floor of the MOCA is free for patrons to visit, with or without a cup of coffee in hand (although I strongly encourage with!)

Forno Cultura MOCA is slightly costlier than other cafés, but its price is an indicator of its high-quality. The café's beverage menu is the most affordable, ranging from $3 to $5 per beverage. I opted for the Kenyan pour over which was $4.

Kenyan pour over from Forno Cultura

Other things to note: Forno Cultura roasts their own coffee (available for sale at the café), offers almond milk as a dairy alternative for $0.50, and the cost for adding an extra shot of espresso is only $0.25.

Forno Cultura MOCA also offers a selection of sweets and sandwiches. Sweets are mostly comprised of Italian cookies, which are sold by weight at $6 per 100 grams. A select few are sold by unit, starting at $3.50.

Forno Cultura biscotti

Forno's savory offerings are equally delicious

with fresh bread baked on location. With glass windows encompassing the café's kitchen space, you may see some in the making. On my visit, I got myself a small loaf of curry brioche to bring home and I could not recommend it more. It was amazingly buttery.

The café also serves brunch, fresh juice, and wine by the glass or bottle.


Great coffee and a great museum are a winning combination. Forno Cultura MOCA is an Italian bakery and café specializing in the best things in life: bread, cookies, and coffee. The café is open Wednesday-Sunday, and is open later than most cafés (its closing hours range from 6pm-9pm). Between the museum floor, the benches outside, and the tables within the café, there are plenty of seats to enjoy your coffee. Drinks range from $3-$5, while most of their baked goods start at $3.50 or purchased by weight. Although the baked goods are on the costlier side, a visit without them is incomplete. You can also buy sandwiches, brunch, fresh juice, and wine. I would highly recommend exploring the museum when you visit the cafe. The most recent exhibitions can be found here.

*Given the COVID-19 pandemic, hours and offerings depicted in this post may be skewed as businesses adapt to better serve its staff, customers, and community.


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