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Paramount Original Coffee

Paramount Original Coffee Company new Toronto coffee company; traditional Ethiopian coffee cup with CN tower

With COVID cases escalating in Toronto, and the current eradication of indoor seating at restaurants and cafés (effective until November 7th at minimum), instead of a café, let’s brew coffee at home this week.

My suggestion, Toronto coffee company Paramount Original Coffee.

From the original birthplace of coffee. That’s the core message behind new premium coffee brand, Paramount Original Coffee Company.

Directly importing from Ethiopian single-farm plantations, Paramount Original Coffee recently introduced its unique line of single-origin, speciality Grade 1 Ethiopian coffee.

Ethiopian coffee cupping ceremony experience in Toronto with Paramount Original Coffee Company

There are six flavours to choose from: Honey-Washed Dawi, Wild Sidamo, Organic Sidamo, Organic Bekama Solinté, Oromia Gomma Microlot, & Yirgacheffe (my favourite).

Talking about the importance Ethiopians hold on coffee, founder Mars Arefaine says, “For us, coffee is more than just a morning drink – it’s our way of life.”

Toronto blogger trying new coffee company Paramount Original Coffee Company PR

I was invited to the company’s official coffee launch in September and was able to try a few of their flavours. Here’s what you can expect: the coffee is fragrant, subtly sweet, and fruity. It is best drank black or with a little bit of sugar, and would be delicious hot or iced.

All six of Paramount Original Coffee’s flavours can be purchased online on their website. The company has also announced coffee delivery services for offices, and wholesale and white label options for retailers.

You can learn more about Paramount Original Coffee Company at

Happy sipping, coffee lovers.


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