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Rois Cream - Brewed at a Distance

Rois Cream specializes in cakes, cookies, and most notably, macarons. Before, you could only order their delicious sweet treats via Instagram DM (@roiscream), but in February 2021, they opened a physical location at 382 Keele St (Keele & Dundas). The café x bake shop is open Wednesday-Sunday 10am-6pm.

Rois Cream coffee shop and bakery Toronto Junction


Opening during the pandemic, Rois Cream has only had a soft opening of its storefront.

The actual café is pretty bare bones, keeping a similar look to the Wilder Food that occupied the space prior. That being said, the shop has a comforting vibe with it’s spaciousness, mix of warm colours/furnishings, live plants, and large chalkboard with cute drawings.

Rois Cream storefront in Toronto Junction replace Wilder Food

I look forward to what the café has in store once indoor dining is allowed again. If the space is even a fraction as creative and aesthetically pleasing as their baked goods, it's sure to be something special.


Rois Cream is predominantly a bake shop, but they do serve a selection of coffee and tea options. Their menu is as follows…

COFFEE: espresso ($2.50), americano (3.25), cappuccino ($3.85), flat white ($3.85), latte ($4)

NON-COFFEE: london fog ($5), chai tea latte ($5), matcha latte ($5.50)

TEA: earl grey, imperial jasmine, organic masala chai, organic elderberry hibiscus $3.50

NON-DAIRY: soy/oat/almond milk are available for an additional $0.65

De Mello iced americano and Korean macaron from Rois Cream

P.S. Rois Cream serves De Mello coffee, and drinks are available iced as well.


Without a doubt, the baked goods at Rois Cream are the shining star. The menu varies by the day/week, but there will always be at least one kind of cake and cookie option, plus an assortment of unique macaron flavours.

I would highly recommend the macarons at Rois Cream because their flavours are unparallel to others. Plus, their take on the macaron is a lot chewier and cream-filled than traditional types. Some of the flavours they’ve featured include: red velvet brownie, black sesame, corn, crème brûlée (my fav), tiramisu, apple cinnamon, matcha, cheeseburger, etc.

Unique macaron flavours from Rois Cream Toronto

Eight flavours are featured every week. Each week, the flavours are announced on their Instagram. Want to order a box? A box of eight macarons will cost $28 and can be ordered via DM or in-store.


Love unique and delicious baked goods? Look no further than Rois Cream, a new bakeshop x café located at the intersection of Keele & Dundas. The business used to solely operate via Instagram DM, but you can now find their tasty baked goods at their new storefront that opened in February 2021. Opening during the pandemic, Rois Cream has only had a soft opening, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting their cute and cozy café that’s brimming with unique baked good creations. The showstopper at the bake shop is their take on a macaron – it’s bigger, chewier, and more cream-filled than probably any other you’ve had before. Flavours rotate weekly and can be found on their Instagram. Don’t forget to pair their creative baked goods with a coffee or tea for the perfect combo.

Rois Cream Toronto Coffee Date recommendation


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