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The Maker Bean Cafe

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

The Maker Bean Cafe is located at 1052 Bloor St W, a short distance away from Dufferin station. Once an Ontario Science Centre project, The Maker Bean Cafe offers a wide selection of coffee while staying true to its DIY roots. 3D printing and laser cutting workshops are offered on location for children and adults alike, and the café has crafted items for sale.

Maker Bean created projects examples

The Maker Bean Cafe is hard to pass by blindly. From its hand-drawn chalkboard outside, to its colourful merchandise in the window, you're drawn in. Once entering, the space feels even more lively. Colourful, well lit, and filled with art; the café is inviting.

Maker Bean is a good place to perk up and gain inspiration, or converse with friends. The space seems especially good for get-togethers with those you're trying to know better. As uncomfortable silences in conversations are something we all know too well, the café offers a multitude of conversation starters. For example, a 3D Baby Yoda!

reuseable straws, tumblers, wooden cut pins, and 3D printings

There are over 30 seats inside the café, which include couches, communal tables, counter tops, and small tables for 2 or 4 people. Workshops are done in the coffee shop's basement, so there is ample space for you and your friends (or laptop).

The Maker Bean Cafe offers a wide beverage menu, which includes an extensive list of seasonal specialty drinks.

At the time, featured drinks included a butter toffee crunch latte, and matcha white chocolate (pictured below). One medium specialty latte cost under $5: more affordable than other coffee shops in the city, like Starbucks.

Coffee and tea ranges from $2.25 to $6. Iced drinks, flavour shots, and milk alternatives will cost an extra $0.50 each. The café offers lactose-free, almond, coconut, and oat milk substitutions.

seating layout of Maker Bean cafe

The café also offers a small selection of pastries. These include cookies, squares, croissants, and a few rotating others. I ordered the raspberry swirl croissant, a croissant filled with raspberry compote, and I would highly recommend it.

white chocolate matcha latte, butter toffee crunch latte, and a raspberry swirl croissant

Next time you're in Bloorcourt Village, keep an eye out for The Maker Bean Cafe and take a peak inside. I hope you'll be filled with as much astonishment as I was.

*Given the COVID-19 pandemic, hours and offerings depicted in this post may be skewed as businesses adapt to better serve its staff, customers, and community.


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