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ZAZA Espresso Bar - Brewed at a Distance

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

ZAZA Espresso Bar has multiple locations across the city including cafés in Greektown and Yorkville, along with divisions with other coffee shops & small businesses like Coco Espresso Bar, The Gelato Shop, Zero Zero Catering, and Friday Harbour. With this long list of affiliated businesses, it’s obvious the owners of Zaza have done well for themselves since first opening in Toronto over 15 years ago (ZAZA Espresso, 2019).

I have visited numerous of their businesses across the city, but as a St. Clair native, I’ve been to their location at 775 St. Clair Ave W the most, which is this week’s feature of Brewed at a Distance. The coffee shop is open 7 days a week from 8am-9pm. Perfect for both early morning & late night coffee lovers.


St. Clair’s ZAZA Espresso Bar is definitely a ‘no muss, no fuss’ kind of coffee shop with its simplistic interior and bright red walls.

ZAZA Espresso Bar St Clair coffee shop

If I’m being honest, the shop’s layout is a bit dated, BUT ZAZA does have a decently-sized outdoor patio which is nice to sit at. You can also grab their coffee to-go & sit on one of the many benches along St. Clair, or walk around & visit the small shops in the area. The beautiful Wychwood Barns Park is also less than a 10 minute walk from the café, and would be another great place to enjoy your coffee.


Although the shop’s design is a little lacking, the menu & price are reason enough to visit.

ZAZA Espresso Bar has an extensive menu that has something for everyone. Let’s start with my favourite topic: coffee.

ZAZA Espresso Bar St Clair coffee shop patio

At ZAZA, you’ll find all your standard coffee fare, such as shots of espresso, lattes & cappuccinos, but also lots of fun creations. The café boasts a large variety of flavoured syrups, perfect for Italian sodas or flavoured lattes. If you’re a sweet coffee lover, this is the café for you.

If you don’t have a big sweet tooth, there is still plenty to choose from on Zaza’s menu. I especially like their unsweetened latte, but I would suggest adding an extra shot of espresso if you need more of a pick-me-up. That being said, the drink is perfect for anyone sensitive to caffeine. The drink could be had in the late afternoon or after dinner without keeping you up all night.

Along with drinks, as an Italian café, ZAZA also serves a variety of sweet and savoury menu items. From sandwiches, to gelato, to baked goods, and more… It’s hard to just get coffee when visiting.

ZAZA Espresso Bar Toronto biscotti and cookies tasty baked goods

I definitely indulged on my last visit to the café. I told myself it was for the sake of content, but was I really just looking for an excuse? Maybe. Along with an iced latte, I also ordered the café’s espresso granita, chocolate walnut biscotti, and a speculoos cookie.

I have yet to be disappointed by the baked goods at ZAZA, especially their biscotti and fresh-filled cannoli. The granita is a newer menu item– it’s perfect for a hot summer day & is very strong (albeit a little sugary).

As for the prices, the menu can be seen in the image below. The café is incredibly well-priced. No drink at the café costs more than $4.25, and most fall within the $3 range.

ZAZA Espresso Bar coffee shop menu affordable cheap cafe Toronto


Similar to all small businesses during these times, the best way to show your support is through your business. Consider visiting ZAZA, either its St. Clair location, or one of its many other cafés across the city. The coffee shop offers the perfect backdrop for enjoying the company of others while also enjoying a good cup of coffee. Consider the café on your next coffee or lunch date, or on your own.


There are multiple ZAZA Espresso Bars across the city, but its St. Clair location will always have my heart. Located at 775 St. Clair Ave W and open daily from 8am-9pm, the coffee shop is perfect for early morning and light night coffee lovers alike. The café’s atmosphere is minimalistic, but its outdoor patio and menu are reason enough to visit. ZAZA has a large drink and food menu that is not only delicious but extremely well-priced. Sweet coffee lovers and baked goods fans will especially like the café’s offerings. Consider visiting the café for a future coffee date on their patio.

ZAZA Espresso Bar Toronto coffee shop recommendation and review


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